Capturing the unique spirit and characteristics of each breed.
A sample combining stills and slow 
motion video of Irish Wolfhounds
can be seen here:

and afghan hound here:


Capturing the passion and beauty of motorcycle road racing.

Heather Bashow                                                                              613 389-8393



Capturing equestrians and horses between whom there is a soft and loving connection.



Capturing you formally, or doing what you love to do.

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As a motorcycle and horse owner and rider, and having dogs in my life always, motorcycle racing, equine and canine photography are my passions. I am a fast motion specialist, but also like doing horse and dog portraits. I also enjoy portraiture of people, preferably capturing you doing what you love to do, but studio portraits can be arranged if you need something formal.  Samples of my work can be seen in the slideshows below.